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Depression and Anxiety

If you are experiencing periods of sadness, depression or you are feeling a little blue, you are not alone, and there is help out there.  

Often, symptoms of anxiety go hand in hand with depression, although anxiety can also occur on its own.

We all feel nerves from time to time, but if you are feeling nervous more often than you would like, and you want some guidance, Towards Recovery can help.

Our approach

Towards Recovery work within a client-centred framework. That means, who you are, and what your experiences are, guide the therapeutic approach.  Our principles are simple. Respect, Honesty, Integrity.   Our aim is to work with each individual, to work towards recovery, regardless of where you are at in your journey.  

What do we do?

Alcohol and Other Drugs

Perhaps difficulties in your life such as divorce, losing a friend or loved one, or unstable work have left you looking for help and like many, you have turned to alcohol or other drugs to ease the pain.  If you are looking for a change, perhaps you would benefit from sitting down with professionals trained in recovery from addiction.

Relationships and Sex Therapy

The media tends to paint sex as easy and hot, and makes it appear as though everyone but you is having loads of sex.  Almost everyone has sexual problems at some point.  People have sexual problems that are often easily addressed.

You may be into kink or BDSM and your partner may not want to know about it. You may be in a polyamorous or open relationship, or practise non monogamy and need assistance. You may want to talk to someone about coming out, gender dysphoria or transitioning.


Education & Training


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We are committed to working with you to identify who you are, and what makes you, you, in order to determine how best to help you fill your needs. We will do this in a safe environment, free from judgement. Trained professional counsellors will listen to you, and guide you utilising a strengths-based approach. That means, we will

work with and focus on your strengths, while acknowledging your voice, your background, and any road blocks that are identified.  Check out our staff profiles to see if we are a good fit for you.