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May 19 2016

Social Support. How chocolate becomes more chocolatey

I recently had a client who was miserable, was using drugs when they could, and had very little reason for optimism in the future.  We had counselling sessions together over a few months...


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April 7, 2016

Don't mention the D word

In recent years, there has been increasing noise from researchers in the field of psychiatry and mental health that rates of the most common mental illness - that is, depression, is on on the rise.

May 4, 2016

Its a risk-laden world

Why do people get Depression?  Is it biological or at least familial? Is it environmental? Perhaps a mixed bag of these factors?  Many argue along the reductionist line of thought that Depression is caused by an imbalance of neurochemistry.  That sounds biological to me, but does it stand up?

August 3 2016

The A, B, C of Anxiety

These panic and anxiety attacks went on for years, and it was only in my late 30's that I became aware of a bigger picture of why anxiety had entered my life, what effects it had, and ways to manage it.